High-quality computer support

Got some kind of technical trouble? Computer won’t start? No Internet connection? Printer problem? Technology is wonderful when it works, but sometimes it all goes horribly wrong. There’s no need to worry though. Just call 07748 560851 for help from a genuinely local computer expert with over forty years of professional computing experience.

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Your local ‘IT department’

Hello, I’m John Wallis. I provide independent, high-quality computer support in Mildenhall, Newmarket, Bury St. Edmunds, Thetford, and the surrounding areas. My speciality is solving domestic computer problems, although I also work for local businesses that don’t have full-time IT departments and just need occasional help, or want to have a website built. With a professional programming career under my belt, I can also write specialised software to meet your exact requirements.

If you have a computer-related problem, I can help

With years of development experience, I’m more than a technician, and can solve complex problems with in-depth knowledge of computers and related devices. So don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need help with any of the following:

  • website design (designing, building, and maintaining websites using the latest high-security techniques)
  • troubleshooting (fixing misbehaving and non-working computers, laptops, and other equipment)
  • maintenance (cleaning, speeding up, and upgrading computers and laptops)
  • setup (setting up new systems, refreshing existing systems, and decommissioning old systems)
  • tuition (teaching people how to use computers and laptops in many different ways)
  • advice (choosing computers, software, and services)
  • the Internet (helping with e-mail, shopping, banking, utilities, tax, etc.)
  • programming (building software to solve specific problems)
  • image processing (scanning, converting, and re-touching images)
  • writing (creating and editing various types of document).

Professional help when you need it

For speedy resolution of your computer-related problems, call or e-mail me. I’m efficient, reliable, happy to help, and avoid technical waffle. I’ll never bore you with the details, unless you ask. Also I’m friendly and approachable. Take a look at the reviews page to see what some of my customers have said.

Why choose me?

Here are some of the benefits of asking me to help with your computer problems:

  • You don’t need to bring equipment to me for repair, as I’m happy to collect it (that saves you time and effort)
  • My charges are always reasonable, even if a repair takes a very long time (there’s a limit, and I appreciate that)
  • I’m as careful with customers’ equipment as I am with my own (there’ll be no new scratches, cracks, or dents)
  • I’ve been a computer professional for over 40 years (I didn’t just start doing this kind of work last week)
  • As an experienced programmer, I understand how software works in detail (that’s how I manage to solve most problems, which are usually software-related)
  • Because I know about hardware as well as software, I can repair many equipment-related problems (though sometimes equipment is too old to make it worthwhile)
  • I work from home, so have almost no overheads (that’s how I can keep my charges much lower than any shop)
  • All the advice I give is completely independent (I have no formal written agreements with any other business or organisation)
  • If you’re unhappy with my work, I won’t charge you a penny (I’d rather lose money than get a bad reputation)

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