What my customers think

Sources of reviews

In the past, once I’d finished a job for a customer, I’d occasionally ask if they’d be kind enough to review me on the Internet. I was always grateful to people who took the time to review me because even though it didn’t take very long, it was a chore and customers were often busy. However, I didn’t want customers to feel burdened, so for quite a long time I haven’t asked any of them for a review.

Some customers were reluctant to make comments on the Internet anyway, some jobs were so quick or simple that it wasn’t reasonable to ask for a review, and quite a lot of my work was, and still is, repeat business for previous customers, so my online reviews reflected only a fraction of the work that I’d done. Even so, the reviews that I’ve accumulated show what people think of my work, and are therefore still worth presenting.

As of 8th August 2020, I have a total of 42 online reviews (all five-star) spread across the following three independent sites:


29 reviews (all five-star)

FreeIndex is a major source of reviews covering many different trades and professions.


8 reviews (all five-star)

Google is probably the most popular and highly regarded search engine in the world.


5 reviews (all five-star)

Yell™ is the online version of Yellow Pages™, a long-established index of goods and services.