How to get in touch with me

E-mail or telephone

To ask about website design, computer problems, tuition, programming, or any of the other services that I offer, e-mail, or call me on 07748 560851 for a quicker response (I don’t constantly check my e-mail). By the way, if you do e-mail me rather than calling, please make sure when checking for a reply that you look in your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder, as well as your ‘inbox’, just in case your e-mail system thinks my response is rubbish! It would also be a good idea to include your mobile or landline telephone number in any e-mail that you send me so I can still get in touch with you if my e-mail response ends up in your ‘junk’ folder and you don’t see it.

Social and business networks

I have a personal Facebook page , a ‘Computer Support in Mildenhall’ Facebook page , and a LinkedIn page that I used to think might be useful for making business-to-business connections (it isn’t, so I don’t look at it much now). In fact, I don’t look at my Facebook pages very often either, so if you send me a message on Facebook I probably won’t respond very quickly.

Real-life location

Despite all this phone and Internet stuff, I do actually exist somewhere, and still use ordinary mail for quite a few things. If you want to send me anything, my postal address is:

John Wallis
18 Bury Road
Bury St. Edmunds
IP28 7HT

If you would like to visit, for example to drop off or collect equipment, please make an appointment in advance as I’m often out and about rather than at home.