Website design

It all looks like a piece of cake in the adverts, but there’s a lot more to building a decent website than choosing a name and dropping a few photographs into a template. Yes, you could get something up and running in an hour, but is it really that simple? In a nutshell, no it isn’t, and you probably guessed that without me having to spell it out. If you want a good quality website, someone needs to put thought and effort into it, and that takes time and experience.

Why would you want to:

I’m experienced with modern website development and maintenance techniques such as:

I’m also well aware of what most visitors like to see when they visit websites:

Genuinely local

If you want a truly local web developer, I actually live and work in Mildenhall. One competing web developer claims to serve the Mildenhall area, but the work is really done in Kolkata. Another says it does web development in Mildenhall, but also says it covers twenty-eight other places from Aldeburgh to Stowmarket. The reality is that they have offices in Cardiff and Chenai. They don’t live here, and they don’t work here. I do, so if you ask me for help then we can easily meet face-to-face. If you’d like a chat about your initial requirements, or changes to a website that I’ve already built for you, I’ll quickly come round and see you. However, if you’re happy to deal with people who claim to work in Mildenhall, but aren’t really local at all, good luck with that.

Example websites

Here are a few websites that I’ve built for Mildenhall businesses:

If you would like me to build a custom website for you, please get in touch.