Services that I provide

Web design

When I’m not busy solving computer-related problems, I’m often designing websites for customers who want absolute control over how their businesses are presented on the Internet. So many websites these days look almost identical because they’re based on the same old templates that almost everybody seems to keep using. These ‘cookie cutter’ websites end up being stuck with the same layouts, fonts, colour schemes, and menu items, with little or no scope for change. However, it doesn’t have to be like that. You can have a unique look if that’s what you want. Just contact me for details.

Equipment troubleshooting

Tracking down and solving problems is what I do most of the time, and having seen many of them before, I can tackle them quite quickly. I usually work on computer-related equipment, but have also fixed a digital radio, a sewing machine, an electric reclining chair, a television remote control, and numerous other electrical, electronic, and mechanical devices.

Computer maintenance

Making systems run efficiently is important, so why put up with sluggish performance when you can have your equipment sped up so it works just like it did when you first got it? Even better in fact, after all the pre-installed ‘junkware’ has been removed. You might even want to ditch Windows altogether and go for an alternative system that is far less trouble to run.

Setting up equipment

Unpacking new equipment and setting it all up can be quite daunting if you’ve never done it before, so why not let me do it for you? With most equipment I already know what goes where, which can save a lot of time. Plus I definitely won’t break anything, and am used to crawling around on the floor sorting out cables so you don’t have to!

Computer lessons

Although I’ve been a computer professional for years, I still remember what it was like to use a computer for the first time. So if you need some computer lessons, or just want to know how something works, I’m very patient and understanding. There’s nothing to worry about, and I’ll be happy to show you.

Shopping advice

If you’re buying a new computer, why pick one at random? Ask me what to get, and I’ll steer you away from the not-so-great makes and models and explain all the features in easy-to-understand terms. Plus if you're planning to buy equipment from a nearby shop, I’ll be glad to come along to help you choose the best of what’s available and make sure you don’t get pushed into buying unnecessary add-ons at the checkout, such as extended warranties and expensive anti-virus software.

Help using the Internet

The Internet is for everyone, not just technical people, so why not have a go and find out what it’s all about? Nothing scary is going to happen, and it’s actually useful in all kinds of ways, interesting (in parts), and even fun. Learn how to save time, effort, and money, by doing many things online. By the way, if you don’t think you'll be using the Internet very much, you don’t necessarily need a permanent broadband connection. You can always use a smartphone or so-called ‘mobile broadband’ device instead, which will probably work out cheaper, and in some areas faster.

Computer programming

Unlike most computer support people I have a background in professional programming, which is what I used to do full time for many years. So if you would like some software written to solve a specific problem, why not get in touch to see if it’s feasible? There’s never any harm in asking, and I’m always looking for interesting projects. For example, I’ve recently written some online calculators for a chartered gas engineer’s website.

Image processing

Many people have old photographs that have faded over the years, or been damaged in some way. These photographs often sit in drawers for ages, when they could be scanned in to a computer then re-touched to restore them to their former glory. Photographs restored in this way don’t have to be kept on a computer forever, but can be printed out, framed, and displayed just like photographs always used to be, before the ‘digital revolution’.

Writing documents

Like most programmers, I used to spend a lot of time writing documents about analysing, designing, programming, and testing systems. I’ve also written a lot of letters and drafted a lot of contracts over the years, so I’m experienced in writing plain, unambiguous English. I’m also pretty good at spotting spelling, punctuation, grammatical, and typesetting mistakes, and deliberate attempts to mislead, introduce ambiguity, and generally put a ‘spin’ on things rather than sticking to reality.