Router Upgrades

Insecure routers

Do you have an old router, such as a BT Home Hub 2.0 for example? It might have been going for years, but if your old router is only capable of using the WEP protocol, or the WEP and WPA protocols, then your wireless communications are not really secure. In that case, it might be worth upgrading to a new router that supports WPA2 to stop people near your property from using your Internet connection.

Getting a new router

Different broadband service providers have different policies when it comes to replacing customers’ old or broken routers, but BT’s policy is clear. If you’re still on your initial contract, or a subsequent fixed-term contract, BT will provide you with a new Home Hub if your current one needs to be replaced, the only charge being £9.99 for delivery. However, if you’re on a 30-day rolling contract with BT because your fixed-term contract has expired, you’ll have to sign up to another 18-month contract to get a new Home Hub free of charge.

Third-party routers

Many broadband customers think they have to use the router supplied by their broadband service provider, but this isn’t the case. If the supplied router has become outdated, or goes wrong for some reason, you can simply buy a new one of your choice from the Internet, or a High Street shop such as Curry’s PC World for example, and use that instead. Many third-party routers are technically superior to the ones that broadband service providers supply, so choosing a new router based on its features and reviews, rather than just taking whatever you’re given, is not a bad idea. If you think you’d like to do this, and need some advice, please feel free to get in touch.