Choosing a Web Browser

Always install several web browsers

It’s always a good idea to install several web browsers on your computer in case the one that you normally use starts causing problems. The latest version of Windows, which is Windows 10, has a built-in web browser called Microsoft Edge. Earlier versions of Windows had a built-in web browser called Microsoft Internet Explorer. These browsers have been so deeply integrated with Windows that it’s always been practically impossible to get rid of them, but there are plenty of other web browsers that you can install and use instead. Having said that, if you try to make any browser other than Microsoft Edge your default browser, Windows 10 will advise you against doing that. Microsoft are a bit cheeky trying to stop you doing what you clearly want to do, but if I were you I’d go ahead and choose another web browser as your default, despite Microsoft’s whining.

Picking a favourite browser

The two most popular alternative web browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. There are other alternative web browsers too, such as Opera and Safari, but they’re installed relatively rarely. Mozilla Firefox is produced by a not-for-profit foundation, so it’s not commercially orientated, but Google Chrome has a few advantages:

When browsing the web, it’s up to you which program you prefer, but for me Google Chrome has the edge (no side-swipe at Microsoft intended).